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The hardest thing in any kind of a research is choosing a topic. Political science paper is a paper that answers a particular question. The following are some major components included in the political research paper; an introduction, a problem statement, a discussion of methodology, a literature reviews, a description and evaluation of research findings, and summary.

Every research in political science paper involves making an argument. The argument in the political research paper should give the reader the important background information on the selected topic that tells why you have doing investigation on that particular topic. A political science paper introduction should also give out the outline of the whole paper.

In a political science paper they are no right answers. If a political science paper is supposed to answer a given question let it answer it. For uncertainty about answering a given question in a political science paper the writer should argue with the available information. The writer of a political science paper must look himself as the reader and see how they might object his argument and evidence.

A good political science paper writer should be in a position to provide evidence and support his arguments other than the authoritative arguments. A political science paper should not claim something to be true because some one said so it should have its own level of arguments.

The writer on the political science paper should give out the source of his information. The citations of the political science paper should have source reference and page numbers, not unless the writer is referring to the general information of the entire source. When writing the political science paper one should not waste the space in the text and the citation of the political science paper should demonstrate the work in the paper, which should distinguish ones ideas from others. By this the political science paper will help the reader to go and get more about particular points and strengthens ones ideals. The cited sources in the political science paper should be the one which have been consulted and one should not cite his own source in the political science paper as if he has consulted it by himself.

A good political science paper should be free from plagiarism. Writing other peoples ideas without their acknowledgement in a give political science paper implies that one is cheating. Texts from other sources in the political science paper should be in quotes and should be followed by citation to the source. To avoid plagiarism in political science paper one needs be careful when taking notes and writing to mark all the points from other sources. A political science paper writer should assume that his readers have some knowledge on the paper and by so doing he should not waste space in basic definitions and background.

The writer of the political science paper should organize the points in logic order. This will make it easier when writing the political science paper. Political science paper which have ten pages and above should be divided in sections. Major points in the writing should start followed by the minor ones. Every political science paper should start with a summary that briefs the reader on the contents of the paper. A summary conclusion in a political paper is also useful. This helps the reader to remember the key points that have been discussed in the paper.

When writing a political science paper the writer should avoid the language that are difficult to the reader to understand. The writers should writer straight to the point and avoid hard terms. The writer should use correct grammar and spelling when writing a political science paper. Political science paper should be typed, double-spaces and should have margins. The citation in a political science paper should be standard.

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