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Writing Persuasive Speech Papers/Extensive research papers


Writing persuasive speech papers is a challenge for many students. This is because students do not have appropriate skills to write persuasive speech papers. Students are supposed to have organizational skills, research skills and presentation skills to write persuasive speech papers. Students who have organizational skills, presentation skills and research skills are able to organize their papers well. Also, they are able to carry out extensive research and present the facts obtained well. On the other hand, students who do not have the skills mentioned above are not able to present their papers well or provide valid facts and this affects their grades. Also, students are not able to write speech papers because they are not conversant with the requirements of speech papers and the steps to follow when writing persuasive speech papers.

First, students are supposed to identify the sources to use when writing their speech papers.  Students can use secondary sources and primary sources. The kinds of sources the students select influence the quality of their speech papers. So, students should be careful when selecting the sources to use.  After selecting appropriate sources, they should review the sources and get relevant facts. Different authors have different arguments and students should understand the author’s argument when reviewing the sources.  Then they should list the facts according to their relevancy and importance.

The second step is writing a draft.  When writing persuasive speech papers, students are required to write a draft of their papers. They should include the relevant sections of their persuasive speech papers. Also, they should support each sub topic with the right sources and content.  Different speech papers have different topics and students should ensure their material used to write the draft is relevant to the topic. The draft should be well developed as it is a reflection of the final copy of the persuasive speech papers.

After developing the drafty, students should commence writing their persuasive speech papers.  Persuasive speech papers have different sections like other papers.   That is introduction, discussion and conclusion.  Students should write the introduction first. In the introduction, students should state the objectives of their persuasive speech papers. They should also introduce the topic of the persuasive speech papers. The introduction should be well developed to attract the attention of the reader. Students should entice the reader to continue reading the rest of the persuasive speech papers. They should also state their point of view when writing the persuasive speech papers.

After writing the introduction, students should write the body of the speech papers.  Students should ensure the content of the persuasive speech papers is well organized so as to attract the reader. The content should be coherent.  Also, they should support the content of the persuasive speech papers with the right sources. The sources identified before writing the draft should be used to support the main points.  They should integrate the arguments raised by different authors into their persuasive speech papers. They should also stay focused so as to ensure the paper is coherent.

Lastly, students should write the conclusion of the speech papers. The conclusion of the speech papers is a summary of the content of the papers. After summarizing the content of the speech papers, students should state their arguments. They should also include a list of sources used to write the speech papers.

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