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Most   students have difficulties in speech writing. Students taking various courses are supposed to write speech. Speech writing  is  not  a  easy  task  for majority of the   students. The students find it difficulty to write speech that meet instructors requirement. In addition, the students have no enough time to prepare their speech well. This makes it difficulty for the students to write quality speech. Also, the students are not conversant with the steps to follow when writing speech.

The students find it difficulty to write speech using different writing styles. Instructors   grade  students  speech  according  to  the  quality  of the  speech, the  formatting  and writing  style. Aldo,  instructors   grade  speech  according  to  the  plagiarism  percentage and  grammatical mistakes. Most  students  perform  poorly  because  they  do not  meet  the  instructors  requirement. Students  prefer  to  get  speech  from  companies  that  offer speech writing  services.

There are many companies   offering speech writing services. The companies have different qualifications. Majority  of  the  companies  offering  speech  writing   services  are  not  ethical. The companies have affected student’s performance in diffident ways. The students always submit the speeches late. This makes it difficulty for the students to submit their speech early. Also, the companies offer lows quality speech writing   services. This has made it difficulty for students to perform well.

A custom  writing  company  should  have  various qualities  so  as  to be able  to  offer  quality  speech writing  services. First, the custom writing company should be able to submit   the speech on time. The  company  offering  speech  writing  services  should  encourage   the students  to  order  speeches  early. This   is to give the company enough time to prepare the speech.

Most companies do not encourage students to order speeches early. This  makes  it  difficulty  for  the  company  to  offer  speech  writing  services  early. The custom writing company should ensure students submit their speech early. This will in turn help students perform better.

The  custom  writing  company  offering  speech  writing   services  should   offer  speech writing  services  at  an  affordable  cost. Students will not order speech from companies that charge high prices. This is because the students cannot afford to buy speech from   such companies.

A  custom writing  company offering  speech  writing services should  ensure  students   from  different  backgrounds  can  afford    speeches  from the  company. The  company  offering  speech writing  services  should  state  a  fair  price  to  ensure  everyone can afford  speech. The custom writing company will be able to offer speech writing services to various students.

In addition, the company offering speech writing services should have professional writers. The  writers  in  the  company  should be able  to  offer  professional  speech writing  services. The  writers  should be able  to  offer  speech  writing  services using  different  writing  styles. For  example, the  writers  should  be able  to  offer  speech  writing  services using APA,MLA  and  other  writing  styles. This  is  because  the   students  require  the writer  to  use  different  writing  styles  when  offering  speech writing  services. This  will  enable  the  writers  to  offer  speech  writing  services  to  different  students.

The  writers  should  be able  to  offer  speech  writing  services  to  university  students, business  and  other  professionals. This  will  help  the  company  offer  speech  writing  services  to  diverse  clients.

The writers should be able to write speeches using formal language. Students are supposed to use formal language   when writing their speech. The custom writing company should ensure the speech provided meet instructors requirement. Lastly, the writers should offer speech writing services day and night.